The concept of career planning and guidance has been widely used since the early seventies, but lately it has been insisted on a comprehensive approach of managing career during the entire lifetime. Experts feels that successful career planning is not purely based on finding work that matches one’s interests and abilities but more on creating work situations that provide lifetime fulfillment and meaning. Researchers around the world emphasized that career development is not the linear, direct process which we can take for granted, but is a complex, chaotic, and often messy process. The intervention by career experts can make it easy and smooth.

Recognizing the importance of this “meaning” theme, many contemporary theorists approach career development as an existential endeavor. The well defined definition is -career not only as a quest for meaning but as a quest for self, requiring continual introspection. Students are advised to use standardized psychometric tools to know the "self" scientifically and the guidance should reflect professional consensus in three main areas: (1) Student and adult competencies and indicators for individual growth and self-knowledge, (2) Educational and occupational exploration, and career planning. (3) Self commitment to meet the goals, in other words psychologist must motivate the individuals to take responsibility for their own education and work.

At Map My Career experts are Psychologist and management graduates who have been engaged in continuous research to develop test, career information, skills or abilities required for different profession, market trend and have skills to motivate the individuals for self commitment.

How tests are Developed

Carefully worded questions in the test related to how one behave in certain way while learning a task or reacting or responding to the different work environment and life situations reveal the personality traits and aptitude. All questions are undergone expert analysis and followed by relevant statistical analysis. The tests have been administer to 2000 students studying in VIII to XII across India to obtain a heterogeneous sampling. The data were analyzed to obtained norms, reliability (Split half and test retest) and validity.