Psychometric Assessments


History records date back to 2200 BC, when the Chinese Emperor would make his prospective warriors undertake arduous fitness assessments, in order to test their efficiency for his office. From then on, the influence of psychometric analysis have only grown, albeit gradually, into the courts & other areas of work.

However, the modern tools of psychometric assessments found their basis in the mid 19th century. It was Sir Francis Galton (Charles Darwin’s cousin) with his fascination for individual differences & preferences who pioneered the use of questionnaires in order to elicit information.

Late 19th century saw the coining of the term ‘mental test’ by James Cattell, an American psychologist. And, come 15 years, the French psychologist Alfred Binet devised the first ‘modern intelligence test’.

Psychometric tests grew significantly in the 20th century, with various additions to the existing system of testing.

Today, it has come to become an essential prerequisite to successful career building.