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Archaeology is best suited career for explorers aiming to discover a part of history and culture long lost in the dust of time. You can really discover Sherlock within you

Career in Human Resource Management

Human Resources managers are advocates for both the company and the people who work in the company. Consequently, the HR professional performs a constant balancing act to meet both needs successfully. A Human Resources Manager plays a wide variety of roles in organizations depending on the size of the organization

Career in Management

Management refers to the individuals who develop the idea and make it tread a careful path, with a properly developed strategy to co-ordinate efforts and undertake optimum utilisation of resources, both human and otherwise. It is a Social Science, where you’re trained to develop leadership and specialise in social organisation. Ranging from the C.E.O

March 18, 2017

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Career in Psychology

Psychologists are frequently innovators, evolving new approaches from established knowledge to meet the changing needs of people, organizations and societies. They develop theories and test them through their research.

Career as a Cartoonist

A cartoonist is a person who ‘creates’ a cartoon character(s) either with his/her sketches and/or digital tools available. The pure intent being of: informing, entertaining or educating.