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Crafting a CV

A CV/Resume, in my mind has two broad objectives for a job seeker, firstly it needs to standout from the crowd, to be shortlisted by the recruiter for screening, secondly it needs to excite him for the level of fitment between the job role and your work. While these are very commonsensical, it is rarely practiced by most of the job seekers.

July 2, 2017

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Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with, quite simply, the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data. To be specific we can say it is the science of drawing reasonable conclusions about a huge variety of things - right from the brand of cola Indian teenagers

Career in Defence

The armed forces offer a world of exciting career opportunities to you. Even professionals such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. make successful careers in the armed forces. Let’s move on and understand more about careers in the armed forces. You can start off your career as an army officer or air force pilot or naval officer. You can become an expert engineer, doctor, a trainer, a vet, a lawyer or an administrative officer and support the combat division in times of war and peace.

March 15, 2017

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Career in Psychology

Psychologists are frequently innovators, evolving new approaches from established knowledge to meet the changing needs of people, organizations and societies. They develop theories and test them through their research.


The field of linguistics is multifaceted and diverse. It is a compilation of many fields and there are endless job opportunities for enthusiastic scholars who are willing to learn. It is up to the students to take the chances and take up jobs which offer them new opportunities. Most importantly, a linguist will be happy if he/she has a passion for learning and language.

Choosing A career- My version

“Doing what you like it's freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.” “Choosing a career” is apparently a simple topic which, in reality, is far more complicated than what we comprehend it to be. Owing to a growing knowledge economy and current trends in global market, the notion of 'job’ has now been redefined as 'career’.

What leads to Success – Marks or Aptitude?

Scientists in 2010 claimed to have decoded the proverbial mystery of whether the chicken came first or the egg. But, in year 2017, we are still debating at what determines the success of an individual. Whether it is the marks ascertained to him by an authority that has had no hand in his upbringing or circumstances or aptitude that is the blueprint of his ability, mentality & individuality.

Career Decision Making: A Self-Help Method

When it comes to picking a smart phone for yourself, you need no one’s help. When you need to find the earrings that look best on you, the mirror becomes your friend. And, when you want to decide on which film you should buy the tickets, your interest in it is all that’s needed to make the decision. Then, when it comes to making a decision, that is crucial and defining your career, you leave it to the judgement of those around you and not yourself? After all, no one can know your interests, your aspiration and can realise your potential better than you.

How to Motivate your Child

A short article on how you can involve yourself in helping your child identify in Interest.

Dec. 15, 2016

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My journey from a technology geek to an entrepreneur

Chapter 2: Year 2003: Australia beckons Hi everyone. I am back again with my second blog. In this blog, I will be talking about my decision to move to the land down under. Like most engineering students in 2002, I was on the threshold of an important decision – MS from US, MBA from India or a job. In today’s world, there are many more options available to students and I wish I had the same but unfortunately, a lack of choice at that stage meant that I went down the inevitable path of “process of elimination”.