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Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering deals with energy efficiency, energy services, plant engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy solutions. An energy engineer is concerned with obtaining and using energy is the most environmentally friendly ways. Their main job is to find out most efficient way to operate buildings and manufacturing processes.

Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular technologists are allied medical and healthcare professionals and are involved in diagnostic and treatment phases of various heart and vascular ailments. They work as aids to doctors and other medical professionals and are involved in carrying out Electrocardiograms and setting up Holter monitoring and Stress test and other procedures.


Sociology is a branch of science that deals with social relationships, social interaction and culture. It uses critical analysis to study human behavior. Study of sociology ranges from personal to global level. Issues such as gender identity, behavioral aspects of an individual, family issues and religious faith are studied under personal level and global level


An interdisciplinary field mainly involving molecular biology and genetics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics.


Agricultural science involves understanding the biology that covers natural, economic and social sciences that are then used in the practice and understanding of agriculture.


Anthropology is a science that deals with various aspects of human beings such as how human beings have evolved over a period of time, how they have adapted to the surroundings, means of livelihood during the stone -age period etc. It also considers the relationship of a human being with other human beings and animals.

Political Science

Political Science is a branch of science which deals with the system of governance, activities and political behavior. It deals with politics at all levels of governance, state, national as well as international. A well- known definition of Political Science states that ‘It is the study of the state in present, past and future context.’

Physicists and Astronomy

Indians have been the frontrunners in astronomical science, starting with Aryabhata, as early as AD 499. There have been several great Indian astronomers all through the history of India.


Auditors are specialized accountants who getfocused in analysing the financial data. They work for government, private organizations, businesses as well as for individuals.


Actuary as a career is gaining momentum and recognition gradually. Actuarial science is a multidisciplinary field that needs knowledge and application of mathematics, economics, finance and statistics. Actuarial Science uses available data and create financial and statistical models