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Physicists and Astronomy

Indians have been the frontrunners in astronomical science, starting with Aryabhata, as early as AD 499. There have been several great Indian astronomers all through the history of India.

Accounts and Auditors

Auditors are specialized accountants who focus on analysing the financial data. They work for government, private organizations, businesses as well as for individuals.


Actuary as a career is gaining momentum and recognition gradually. Actuarial science is a multidisciplinary field that needs knowledge and application of mathematics, economics, finance and statistics. Actuarial Science uses available data and create financial and statistical models


Anesthesia Technician is an associated health care professional who is responsible for administering Anesthesia in patients and monitor that. They are knowledgeable and proficient in techniques, instruments and relevant procedures of Anesthesia. They assist doctors, nurses and anaesthesiologists in operation theatre and in handling other emergency conditions in Intensive Care Units (ICU).


The Audiologist is the professional in health care sector who is specialized to identify, diagnose, monitor and treat issues related to auditory and vestibular system of the ears which are responsible for hearing and balancing. Audiologists use advanced technology and modern procedures to

Dec. 9, 2017
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The financial sector is extremely dynamic and evolving rapidly in recent time. Banking is sitting at the core of financial system but apart from core banking functionalities of lending and borrowing, withdrawal and deposit -- banking sector has diversified many folds. Insurance sector is emerging rapidly due to the diverse products and benefits that are offered through different insurance policies.

Career In Investment Banking

Investment banking is the highly active section of financial industry and there are many traditional investment banks -- J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Chase Manhattan -- to name a few. The commercial banks also now are not confined with the traditional banking functions of savings, loans and deposits. Rather, they have diversified in all sectors of financial operation.


Are you a cinema lover? Do you enjoy movies across languages and genres? Well here is good news for you! You can now translate your passion into your profession… Watching a movie need not be a waste of time anymore! There are a plethora of options for those who wish to work in tinsel town, not before the camera but behind it. If you are a creative person, who dreams of making a story come alive on screen, film technology is the field you want to be in. Becoming a film technologist entails hard work, professional qualifications and a genuine interest in the craft.


A career in Library and Information science involve gathering, conservation, organization/classification and dissemination of information in the form, old and new, Journals, books, periodicals, slides, maps, databases, microfilms, audio and video cassettes, CDs, E-books, the Internet and Virtual Libraries.  These information resources are required for reference, research, education or entertainment.


Civil Engineering is the branch of Engineering and involves, designing, constructing and maintaining manmade or natural constructions like roads, dams, buildings, bridges, canals and wastewater management systems. The name Civil Engineering was adopted at one stage to differentiate it from military engineering.