The concept of career planning has been in practice since early 19th century. With the advent of the technology and the resultant changes in the environment, a comprehensive approach of managing one’s career has become essential.

One’s career should never be a source of income alone. It should be a medium used to help an individual unravel one’s potential and creativity. It should be a platform where one gets to go beyond the obvious. It is only then, that a profession becomes an expertise and career becomes something more than a source of livelihood. The science behind Map My Career (MMC) makes this process simpler.

In order to understand which career is likely to offer an individual the opportunity to experience all of the above, it is imperative to understand the individual first.

At MMC, we help an individual identify the best career option. The individual is taken through a series of processes including psychometric assessment, personalised reports and expert counseling sessions. All of these are scientifically approached, and not based on mere hunches.

At Map My Career, we do not stop at just the analysis.

We believe in the 3 main aspects of career-making process:

  • Psychometric tests and its analysis.
  • Career planning – educational & occupational exploration
  • Timely interventions by counselors & psychologists – to maintain commitment.

In short, the science behind Map My Career is to help the youth realize their own potential and become architects of their destiny.