Experienced professionals, psychologists and career-counselors form the core team.

They have acquired specialised degrees, that make them fully capable of handling individuals & motivate them to succeed in life and career.

Dr. Vimala Veeraraghavan
Mentor and Advisor

Professor Vimala Veeraraghavan has a prolific experience ranging over 40 years of teaching, administrative and research experience in the field of Psychology.

She has contributed enormous articles and research papers, authored more than 15 books in the field of psychology and education. She has held various prestigious positions including Head of the Department, Delhi University (Psychology) and JNU (Social Psychology of Education); Emeritus Professor (Psychology) at Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi amongst others.

Dr. Itishree Misra
Chief Knowledge Officer

Dr. Itishree Misra holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology. She has an outstanding academic record in psychology and was awarded Gold Medal in post-graduation.

She has been a pioneer in developing various Psychometric tests and tools to help students to select careers, know their Learning Style, Multiple Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence Quotient, Spiritual Quotient etc. in Indian context.

She has also worked for Industry on assessment development, used for recruitment, talent development and screen entrepreneurs. Her clients include organisations like Birla Soft, Venturist, Punjab Government, Millennium Ventures amongst others.

Dr. Itishree has worked on various research projects funded by UNDP, University Grant Commission, NCERT and Ministry of welfare of Indian Government.

Dr. Dharana
Sr. Career Counselor
Ph.D. in Psychology, Jaipur University. Having enriched experience of counseling students in various central schools, public schools and institutions.
Piyush Garg
Chief Financial Officer
Piyush is a Chartered Accountant and a quintessential money manager. Piyush is passionate about education and the need for career planning. He is supporting an early childhood program, a not-for-profit initiative in Uttar Pradesh.
Manju Mittal
Sr. Career Counselor
A commerce graduate who believes in the potential of each student and helping them to take informed career choice